“A smouldering blend of jazz, soul and gospel” ~ Manchester Evening News

Formed in Manchester in 2013 Canter Semper have honed a sound that they term 'Vintage Gospel' – harmony driven, roots and pop hybrid. With their unique brand of music they aim to transport their audiences into a creative, collaborative space. They present honest, whole-hearted lyrics underpinned by the light and jovial chemistry of the duo when performing live.

Fuelled by their passion for collaboration they are heading up a female lead collective featuring a diverse range of voices with choir 'The NQ Singing Group' and Manchester poet Steph Lonsdale.

Whatever you want to label it, come and hear them for yourself and be part of their shared love of gospel-esque harmony.

Canter Semper, meaning 'Sing always', was initially spelled wrong online, so it's 'Gallop always', but hey it's good way to travel! #comegallop (!)